April 2016 Financial Net Worth Update

Net Worth Standing for April 1, 2016:

Assets: $987,240.61 – Liabilities: $6,080.86 = Net worth: $981,159.75

Net Change = increase of $41,212.60 [since February 2015]

It has been a little over a year since I posted our latest financial numbers.  What is interesting is that in the long run, looking at the chart, not too much has changed in the overall financial numbers, while A LOT has changed in our lives.

First – we have completely paid off all our debt.  The only debt you will see is for our credit cards, and we either pay them off at the end of the month, or we are taking advantage of some special offers (like Interest Free offers in which we plan to pay them off before the promotional period ends).

The next big change, is that Mr. Breeze and I have both jumped into Early Retirement.  However now that we are here, we are not liking that word so much.  To retire means: to withdraw or move back. We feel the exact opposite, we are not withdrawing or moving backwards – we are moving forwards and embracing life.  I guess Financial independence is another terms that is popular these days.  But no matter what you call it – we are moving away from the rat race and learning what the world is full of endless possibilities!

We both quit our full time jobs (Mr. Breeze in November 2015, and Mrs. Breeze at the end of January 2016); and then moved across the country to Colorado to be closer to family, and live a healthier lifestyle.  I have decided to get back to this blog as I have enjoyed the others that I have met through writing this blog, along with being able to look back and review our numbers.

The other big financial change, is that we actually hit our $1MILLION net worth goal in December 2015!  This helped us trigger the jump to early retirement, along with the desire to be home with Baby Breeze.

December 2015 – $1 MILLION Net Worth

Once again the markets were a little turbulent at the beginning of year, so while we technically hit the MILLION dollar Net Worth mark in December and January – it has dropped a little due to the markets, and the cost of the move.

So yes it CAN be done!  We paid off over $250,000 in debt through a Chapter 13 bankruptcy and then learned to live on less than 40% of our income and continually put that money aside.  In full open kimono, we did receive an inheritance, which we used to purchase our current home in cash so that we can maintain a debt free life!  Now we are enjoying time with our son, and looking forward to new adventures, and building more of a passive income – through dividends.

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